From left to right - Aaron, Adero,Twan,Tomas & Liz Pemberton

Liz Mitchell,The voice of Boney M, was born in Jamaica.She is sensitive and emotional... Liz started her her career in the musical Hair in Berlin and Hamburg West Germany and she sang with The Les Humphries Singers from 1971-1973. Boney M started in 1975 in Germany by Frank Farian.The first record by Boney M was titled "Do You Wanna Bump"? followed by the first album " Take The Heat Off Me", with hits such as "Daddy Cool" and "Sunny", the hits continued with songs such as "Mary's Boy Child", "Rasputin","Brown Girl in The Ring" and many more.

In the early part of her career Liz Mitchell met and fell in love with her husband Thomas Pemberton.They got married in 1979 and have been blessed three beautiful children Aaron, Twan, and Adero Pemberton.

Tomas Pemberton became manager of Liz Mitchell in 1982.Born in America he travelled to Germany as an Actor/Model where he met Liz. He is passionate for righteousness and justice:have grown up in America and being a professional who has travelled and seen the world he fully understands, as his wife does, the need for Afro-Caribbean,in fact all youth, to be given the chance to know their heritage so that they may be able to contribute and give to society and the world. He has tried his up-most to defend and manage his wife'scareer and fully supports her on The Liz Mitchell Foundation.
Liz Mitchell, the lead singer of Boney M, was born in Jamaica and came to England at the age of eleven. 
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