ABCA will be a Private School house with boarding facilities, including dining area, lounge, classroom etc.

This school will be fully staffed with high quality pastoral care, as in the Private education system in England , housekeepers, cooks, cleaners etc. This school will be able to accommodate 30 children, up to 3 Guardian/Teachers per visit. History teachers will be provided by the school to teach primarily African History of the slave trade. This will be combined with practical learning, as the children will be able to explore the village where the slaves were kept and visit museums and view physical artifacts from the slave trade.

The Gambia is famous for the ROOTS story and so the children will be able to see the village where the story was set.

In addition to the history, the children will have the opportunity to have a 2 o 3 day safari experience.

The journey of learning is fantastic for all minds, young and old, and all participants will have some free time to enjoy the Gambia and reflect upon their experiences.

Liz Mitchell, the lead singer of Boney M, was born in Jamaica and came to England at the age of eleven. 
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