Teaching staff will be recruited locally in Gambia , from University and College establishments to cover daily curriculum during each visit.


Escorts will be required for traveling each way- as well as for care and control during the extent of each visit. It is anticipated that such will be recruited from UK teaching staff and Parents of the participants.
Administration Manager will be appointed to handle publicity and recruitment of participants throughout the Uk . The Administration Manager will also be expected to collate and vet all applications for suitability. He or she will also manage all travel arrangements. They would also be expected to maintain all accounting functions and have an involvement with fund raising activities under the control of the Trustees. All responsibilities will be undertaken such as organising all local Gambia travel, recruitment and control of all teachers, catering , domestic and caretaking/ security staff and overseeing all property maintenance.


Liz Mitchell, the lead singer of Boney M, was born in Jamaica and came to England at the age of eleven. 
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