The ABAC school of Information is the baby conceived through myself, Liz Mitchell-Pemberton. This foundation was formed whist I was on tour during 1989. The whole concept is that afro Caribbean children in England have been starved of the fundamental values of existence. We all know that many people are trying to save a nation, but yet we still find that our children are imprisoned and in asylum across the country, as in America and the Caribbean . Even though America and the Caribbean provide so much more facts and Information than the UK does. The visual information is psychologically very powerful, as is what we hear.

The thought that was placed in my mind was that not only the children, but mainly the children needed to have visual contact with the beginning of their true existence. This would give the minds of the children an opening to ask the questions that will start shredding light in the darkest parts of their minds.

Black British Children would give back to this country equally if they could find their placing, but if they do not have the stability that comes through the educational system which excludes their history , leaving their souls bare, and them feeling as if they don't belong. One week or two weeks of visual experience in Africa will I believe, help find the beginning at least of the confidence in self, because truth is all we need to set us free.

Such information is vital for all British people, so this opportunity for other cultures, to join in this experience. As we know for us to be able to understand each other. We are a multicultural country, and to know about yourself is to be able to share with all other ethnic groups in the giving process. All British children, I believe would benefit from this experience. Then it is the history of a fellow classmate, (West Indian children have been taught a lot about their fellow classmates history over the years, but very little about their own historical heritage).

History teachers will be recruited to provide primary African History and the history of the slave trade. This will be combined with practical learning as the children will be able to explore the village where slaves were kept, visit museums and view original artifacts of the slave trade.

As we learn about so many communities in this Country , this will be more very vital information o help provide positive thinking for a brighter tomorrow for these children of this country.

The school will be fully staffed, as in the Private educational system in England , and will provide a high quality of Pastoral care.

The Gambia is famous for the ROOTS story of children will be given tours to see the village where the story was set. I n addition to this history, the children will have the opportunity to have a 2 to 3 day safari experience.

It is envisaged that, initially , 6 visits (consisting of 10 days) will be organised each year- based around UK School Half Term and End of Term Holidays

This journey of learning is fantastic for all minds, young and old, and all participants will have some free time to reflect upon their experience and to explore and enjoy the Gambia .

Liz Mitchell, the lead singer of Boney M, was born in Jamaica and came to England at the age of eleven. 
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